Thursday, May 24, 2012

Who is Alison Fettell - Community Activist -the latest to lead campaign for Bulli Hospital

It's been 3 years since I last posted to LingaLonga - work and family commitments got in the way .. but at last there is more time to pick this up .. to share the stories of Women of Thirroul who have made a difference for their community.

I first met Alison maybe 10 years ago or so when I was still a Ward 1 Councillor for Wollongong City Council. Back then Alison & Jayne were lobbying hard for McCauley Park in Thirroul. I left Council in 2004 but still see them power walking the streets of Thirroul - often with their dog.

Then in February 2012 I was helping the NSW Asthma Foundation & University of Wollongong at local Shopping Centres with Asthma Awareness promotions for The Over 55's. Alison just happened to wander past with her youngest daughter and we had a quick chat...

Alison had decided something needed to be done to Save Bulli Hospital Emergency Department - and I couldn't sit back .. friends had been saved by treatment at Bulli ED. A number of us starting meeting at Cucina Coffee Shop in Thirroul & Save Bullli ED was born with Alison as its Convenor.

So Just Who is Alison Fettell ? Previously a Single Mum Fighter who didn't collapse under the pressures ? An Executive Health Administrator Manager ? Sea Change resident ? A Tough Fighter for our Local Thirroul Community over the last 10 years ? What's her story ? How is she honouring past campaigns for Bulli Hospital & spearheading the resistance to the latest attacks ?

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